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Day 30: Persuasion Round-up and What’s Next

Posted in 30 Days of Persuasion by persuasiveweb on June 30, 2009


June 30th, 2009. It’s a big day for us. The 30 Days of Persuasion has come to a close, but we’re not going anywhere. This is just the beginning of what we hope will become a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve Web site conversion through understanding how people behave.

The concept of a ‘persuasion blog’ was entirely Joanna’s (take the credit or the blame, Jo!). We talk a lot (perhaps too much — just ask our friends) about conversion and persuasion since we’re both responsible for those aspects of Intuit’s global business’s Web properties, but we’ve never put fingers to keyboard to capture our conversations — until June 1st, when this little project began. As many of you know, a blog requires a huge commitment, so what better way to demonstrate our commitment than to blog every day about this hugely interesting and new-to-the-Web topic.

It’s been a valuable learning experience for us, too. We’re not formally trained in social psychology (i.e., the foundation for much of what we cover here), so we’re relying on the research of experts to form our own thoughts on how the principles can be applied online. To be fair, however, Joanna is completing a graduate thesis on persuasive information design, a component of which is her own research project.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle for me to overcome initially was the notion that we’d be writing for nobody but ourselves — and those friends who tire of hearing us talk about persuasion. But based on what we’re seeing in our WordPress Web analytics, the falling tree is making a sound, and the idea that people may actually benefit from what we’re writing has become a motivator and given us reason to deliver against an aggressive posting schedule.

So, where to next? First thing is to package up the 30 Days of Persusasion into a free e-book… something you can easily take with you, print & read offline, email to others, or scribble on during your Web site conversion meetings! From there, and after a short break — no more than a week — you can expect to find a continuous flow of new ideas and examples on how to apply persuasive design to your own e-commerce sites.

In the meantime (or anytime), we’d like to hear your thoughts on the first 30 days of the blog (use the comments feature or email us: lancecj at gmail dot com OR wiebe.joanna at gmail dot com). We’d really like you to share your ideas on where we might take this project. And we’d absolutely love it if you’d share this resource with people you feel would enjoy it.

Here’s to the beginning of something new and exciting. Thank you for coming.

~Lance & Joanna


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