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DAY 1: Introducing the 30 Days of Persuasion (June 2009)

Posted in 30 Days of Persuasion by persuasiveweb on June 2, 2009

After writing countless blogs over the past seven years or so, we’ve finally decided to write one that is expressly dedicated to the topic that excites us most online: persuasion… specifically persuasion in e-commerce environments — primarily the Web but also emails/direct response, banner ads and even PPC ads & SEO metadata.

Thankfully, the Web seems to have made a real transition from the online brochures it used to be (not that long ago!) to sites that are increasingly concerned with users — their information needs, their engagement wants.

But there’s plenty of room to take e-commerce to the next level. Moving to persuasion. But remaining concerned with usability (yes, you’ll find some stuff on this blog about usability, too).

But let’s get right down to it. We’re kicking off this blog with what we’re oh-so-creatively calling the 30 Days of Persuasion. Here are some topics you can expect to read about on this very blog in this very month:

  • How uses Chen’s (2007) social proof to help users narrow decisions
  • The anticipation and endowment effects (Huang & Chen, 20066) on eBay
  • Leveraging value to trigger dopamine on Zappos
  • Your brain wants a bargain (Welberg, 2007)… and Bluefly knows it!
  • Does an abundance of info on the iPhone App Store get in the way of online shoppers?
  • Primacy in lists (Kim & Fesenmeier, 2008)! What Best Buy needs to know about sorting on their catalogs
  • Time-harried shoppers: Designing websites for Satisficers vs. Maximizers

This is just a sample. We hope you’ll come back and check our posts our as we go….


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